In-Person Training: Take Care provides training at schools, adult training programs, local Arc offices, and other community settings in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Virtual Training: Classes that are not certification classes can be taught virtually.

The following courses are offered:

First Aid for Individuals with Disabilities

Adapted American Heart Association curriculum. This class can be modified to the special needs of the participants. How to  Recognize and respond to an injury or emergency at home, work or in the community is the main focus.  Topics include the treatment and prevention of a bloody nose, broken bone, cut, choking, unconsciousness, burn, allergic reaction, tick bites. Hands-Only CPR can be added to this class.  Participants take home a small first-aid kit.

~approximately two (2) hours

Be Aware for Individuals with Disabilities

In the Be Aware class, we use videos of police interactions, discussion and activities to learn how laws and law enforcement officers keep us safe.  We discuss legal and illegal actions, practice how to report a crime if you are a victim or witness, and how to interact with police under different circumstances.  Participants will practice community safety skills, how to be aware of their surrounding and how to describe their location.

-approximately two (2) hours

Family & FriendsĀ® CPR  Certification

CPR training

Offering certification in Family & FriendsĀ® CPR from the American Heart Association which teaches the skills for Hands-Only CPR on an adult and relief of choking in an adult, child and infant. Individuals will have time to practice each skill and will practice seeking emergency assistance.

~approximately two (2) hours

CPR/First Aid Certification

The Heartsaver CPR, AED, and choke saver training classes follow the American Heart Association curriculum and are appropriate for individuals who need certification for their employment.

~approximately four (4) hours

Over 600 people have attended a Take Care class.  Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a course.

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